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Fertility Preservation Services


The fertility preservation program at Fertility Florida was established to provide options to women and men facing some of life’s most important reproductive challenges. It provides a number of important alternatives to family building in the event of unexpected circumstances.


The goal of our program is to provide and assist patients as well as health care professionals with information and guidance in the latest advances in fertility preservation. It was initially developed to assist women and men in the face of potential complications associated with radio- and/or chemotherapy.

The program has now expanded to assist individuals having other conditions that may alter their future reproductive potential. For example, a woman with a family history of ovarian failure would be good a candidate for oocyte preservation. In addition, women considering building their families later in life, and wanting to increase their chances to have a baby, may also want to consider this option.


The staff at Fertility Florida encourages individuals undergoing surgery and/or cancer therapy, as well as having conditions that may compromising future fertility to discuss with our staff the increasing number of available options.

Sperm Freezing:

Sperm is collected from the male and is then frozen by standard procedures. When needed, it can be thawed and used to fertilize an egg either in utero or in vitro.

Embryo Freezing:

Eggs are retrieved from a woman’s ovaries using ultrasound guidance, and then fertilized with sperm using the same procedure as in vitro fertilization. The fertilized eggs or embryos are allowed to divide in special media for 3-5 days then frozen. They can be thawed and transferred to a receptive uterus at a later time.

Oocyte Freezing:

This process is similar to embryo freezing except that the eggs are not fertilized prior to cryopreservation. The preserved eggs can be later thawed, fertilized and then transferred to a receptive uterus.

Other Methods:

Hormonal suppression of the ovaries has been shown to help preserve ovarian function during radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and this is an option that is available. Another option, orchiopexy, is to surgically move the ovaries out of the radiation field.

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